I don’t know where you come in age. But Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 and everybody was pretty ticked at that, wanted to get back at them. Bob and I were both 16 years old at that time. In December, 1942 we went together to the Army Air Force recruiting office in […]

“The Class of ’43 had graduated…Senior A…walked slowly out of the auditorium and down the front steps…’I’m leaving now, to go out in the world to be shot, riddled with bullets, smashed by tanks, cut open with bayonets, or maybe I’ll be doing these things to other men. I’m going now to fight for the […]

There were eight of us from L.A. High who went together, signed up and of those eight only three of us made it. Two navigators, Bob and one other, and I was the only pilot. And they all went in wanting to be pilots, even Bob. Frankly he was not pilot material, which they discovered. […]

Bob and I were thrown into an interesting situation. In the service, I ended up flying B-29s and he ended up a navigator on B-29s. I wanted as many people and as many propellers around me that I could get, and so I opted for multi-engine. I went to Fort Sumter, New Mexico, and spent […]

I don’t know how long Bob was in. But the only thing he ever talked about in any extended degree was his capacity as a navigator in the Air Force. He was a lieutenant. He said he was among the worst in his class and they put together a plane of all the worst people […]

You know, the thing about Gaudino was that he appeared to be this sort of abstract intellectual and then you find out he was a bombardier, you think, “Well, that’s interesting!” We kidded about, you know, what kind of conversation, knowing him, what kind of conversation did he have with people as he was going […]

After the service, Bob had another good friend locally by the name of Richie Taylor. Richie Taylor was a policeman, he went into law enforcement, and before Richie finally got started Bob bought a Jeep — we were attached to Jeeps in the service. After he got discharged, he got a Jeep and said, “Richie, […]

What I think he told us was, when they would get hot and tired they would pull up to a hotel. They wouldn’t check into the hotel. They would just go and use the swimming pool for free.

When they asked me, “Do you want to be discharged?” “How soon?” I enjoyed my time in the service but I wanted to go to college. And all of my friends, most of them had gone to USC, and I got into the discharge center and found out that I could go to college and […]

What Mr. Gaudino told us — among his few stories he would tell us — was that when he ran for Student Council president in college that he ran this race and he lost to a cheerleader. And so he would always tell that as sort of a joke because he couldn’t even beat a […]