He loved this place. He thought it was a very uniquely important luxury, a luxury, a blessing. You didn’t deserve Williams. It was a gift. You didn’t deserve it. You didn’t earn it. It was much too luxurious for that. He was a bit almost puritanical. Whoever went should be grateful, notwithstanding the cost of […]

We would have these conversations about Plato and whether Plato was right, that not only were there a variety of points of view and opinions to be considered but that there was a hierarchy of points of view. And I remember conversations about whether that was really so, whether there was a hierarchy in opinion, […]

To me he was always a teacher and not really a friend. I really cared for him. I think he did for me. But there wasn’t that connection for me, anyhow, with him and probably most students didn’t have it either. He was the teacher. The very few, the ones perhaps who took care of […]

Bob Gaudino was never fully revealed.

Then of course there was the Snack Bar. And the regular get-togethers at the Snack Bar, which to me is Williams, gathering around the Snack Bar and just discussing current movies, current events. Everything from the Beatles to baseball I suppose. There was a regular time I went there, which was 11 o’clock every night […]

My freshman year I played freshman basketball and was trying to keep my weight up, so I would go there and have a chocolate milkshake every night. Yes, I loved to sit in the snack bar—but probably not as much as Robert.

Bob loved to go to the snack bar and we would have these incredibly sometimes intense discussions, even about religion. But then we would have things connected with joking, the ways we felt about students and how we sort of identified students. This was the days before you got a sheet from the registrar’s office […]

I mean there are apocryphal stories of course, you know, because everybody invents his own. But he might be sitting at the football game and admire a particular formation, a particular play which had just been pulled off by the Williams team, and he would turn to the student next to him and say, “Mr. […]

Only Gaudino could ask, “What would Mao Zedong think of the Williams-Amherst game?”

I remember one time I was in the stacks, working, and he walked by and I think with Rensenbrink, Prof. Rensenbrink. I have a vivid memory of this. And I was there working, studying something or other and he stopped by and said, “So Mr. Nimetz, Aristotle or Plato, which one?” Well, you know you’re […]