I have acknowledged that was a fundamental influence and I’ve used it to structure a good part of my life.

It matters to me that Gary [Patteson] has photos in his office. You’re comfortable sending the message to people who may not know you, “Oh where did you take that?” “I was in India.” Gary, those pictures, I don’t know what they are but here you are, you’re going to deal with X number of […]

They blanket my walls. I have one–they’re really of the village–a picture of 15 children all with totally radiant smiles, another fellow carrying a bucket of dirt, another one of two older gentlemen standing in the fields. And the rest of my office is all my family. Well I feel that Williams-in-India has shaped me. […]

We’ve alluded to the fact that Gaudino was a maverick and may not have been completely trusted by the faculty. I think that the college has gone on to be just completely invested in its academic reputation, its stature and standing. So to be almost crude about it, Williams-in-India was a mutant exception to both […]

So when I was a senior, this was out of the blue, he said to me, which was later interesting to me because neither of us had a clue what he was talking about, he said, “You know, I think that maybe you might want to be an investment banker.” I said, “What’s that?” He […]

I believe that his fundamental skill was helping students, including me, listen to others. The cliché of course is seeing the world through the eyes of others, but the problem is really doing that rather than projecting one’s own views on others. Gaudino was able to use texts, films, discussions to test whether a student […]

In that time, the ‘50s, Geneva was kind of the emblem of the active diplomatic life. The Indochina accords had been reached there in 1954 and so on. And I was musing with him one day because I was really torn personally between a life of theory and a life of practice. As you know […]

Senior year, I said “I’m kind of interested, Mr. Gaudino—maybe it would be interesting to be a college dean or a college president.” He said, a great twinkle in his eye, “But Mr. Lewis, I thought you were interested in education?” I think he opened my eyes to the big questions in life in a […]

Les [Thurow] thought he wanted to be a doctor and Les took an economics course, I guess his sophomore year, and it was like putting a duck into water. It was as if he already knew it. He became dean of the Sloan School of Business at MIT and wrote a series of books, “The […]

Richard loves to exaggerate the accomplishments of his friends. I mean I have a nice life here, sure. I’ve enjoyed being a citizen here a lot. We have breakfast together, sure. All kinds of different people, you know: stockbrokers, a local golf pro, other lawyers, just plain businessmen. The golf pro loves to read. He’s […]