He was a rascal. When we were young, my mother, if she wanted to make a dessert she’d bake a cake, a one-egg white cake with white frosting. So she got to the point with my sister, “Gloria, you’ve got to learn how to bake. I’ll show you how to make a one-egg cake.” Well, I’ve made one-egg cakes and that’s easy. So she showed her, and Bobby and I were sitting there and of course giving her a lot of lip, “You don’t even know how to stir it” and so on and so forth because Bobby and I used to get recruited for whipping up stuff — fudge — and when it started to get hard you were tired. So there she was beating the cake and so on. So we went off to do our duties and came back in and here are the two layers of 8″ round cake sitting on the counter cooling, getting ready to put together and frost. Well, I don’t know how, but we started to wonder how tender that cake is. So we took it out front, sat down on the sidewalk and rolled it and it rolled and never lost a crumb. “It looks like a good sturdy cake. Here, I’ll roll it back to you!” About that time here comes my sister, “What are you doing with my cake!”

“We’re just checking it out to see if you did a good job and it looks like you did a good job.” She grabbed the cake and took it back in. That’s the way our life was. When she went back in she turned around and said, “Brothers, bah!”

John "Jake" Gaudino,
Robert Gaudino's brother