You know when you take your driver’s license test you get an exam, and if you miss more than three you’ve got to come back? I think he had to come back once at 16. The only way I found out about it was my mother, as I remember, happened to mention it one time. “Bob’s got his license now. It took him two chances to get it but he’s got it now,” and he’s out driving amongst the drivers of the country. Because when I went into the service, he bought my car. My mother, she said, “Now you don’t want to make money at your brother’s expense, so you sell him the Model A for $75.” I said, “I spent $125 for it!” “$75, that’s all he can afford.”

Yeah. He eventually sold it for $350, when he went into the service. I went first in December of ’44, and Bob came over I think in May of the following year.

John "Jake" Gaudino,
Robert Gaudino's brother