We would have these conversations about Plato and whether Plato was right, that not only were there a variety of points of view and opinions to be considered but that there was a hierarchy of points of view. And I remember conversations about whether that was really so, whether there was a hierarchy in opinion, […]

Bob kind of moved from one who saw himself as a teacher of young citizens to one who saw himself as a teacher of young persons. His views kind of broadened from the political and the small “r” republican to one that involved more humanity. Early on I think he took some kind of vow […]

It was a tough sell. He worked for a couple of years to get that funded and accepted as a part of the curriculum and spent every waking hour on it and his conversation was just India, India, India, all the time. I remember we’d have a dinner at our house when we lived out […]

Here is the photo of Bob I told you about. We were on a last outing of the summer, before school began. Bob wanted to go to Katahdin; we’d been talking about it for some time. The party included Mary Jo and Claud Sutcliffe and their infant son Matthew, Bob, and me. We camped overnight […]

Bob was not so much a model teacher for me. Bob was closer to my mind than that. I would say there are two great people in my life. One was Bob, who taught me to think, and the other was Mary, who taught me to love. Those are my two great teachers. And so […]


Final Note