My brother-in-law from my first marriage was a professor at Rutgers. Bob would go up and visit them. He’d just drop in on them. Their children knew Bob better than we did, I think. He loved kids. When he came out here he would take our kids to the movie house to see “It’s a […]

He would just come out [to California] for a couple of weeks visit and then it would be three or four years before he came back. He would call up and say “I’m going to be in town, I’ll come visit.” And when he was in town he stayed with my folks. So Bob, he […]

My brother-in-law is a very successful and well-respected neurosurgeon at UCLA School of Medicine and my dad came to him once and he said, “I’ve got bad news for you. Bob’s coming out. He’s in between semesters. And he said, ‘Will you warn mom and [sister] Gloria that I’m walking with a cane now?’” And […]

My first wife and I went back and visited him. We knew he was having problems so we went back and stayed with him at his little house back there on campus. And Jenny said, “Look at your brother. He’s drooling all over his papers.” And she said, “Bob, you’re ruining those papers. What are […]

Did you ever know the painter? The one that painted his house? I’m not sure if she was a student of his but he befriended this gal and I guess in his conversation with her felt that she could use a part-time job. So he said, “Do you want to paint my house?” And she […]

Dr. Grant said there is one surgeon that’s following up on Shy-Drager and he seems to be the one person that knows more about it than anybody else and that’s Roger Bannister [the legendary British runner who first broke the 4-minute barrier in the mile]. And sure enough when we were back from the funeral […]


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