After the service, Bob had another good friend locally by the name of Richie Taylor. Richie Taylor was a policeman, he went into law enforcement, and before Richie finally got started Bob bought a Jeep — we were attached to Jeeps in the service. After he got discharged, he got a Jeep and said, “Richie, […]

What I think he told us was, when they would get hot and tired they would pull up to a hotel. They wouldn’t check into the hotel. They would just go and use the swimming pool for free.

When they asked me, “Do you want to be discharged?” “How soon?” I enjoyed my time in the service but I wanted to go to college. And all of my friends, most of them had gone to USC, and I got into the discharge center and found out that I could go to college and […]

What Mr. Gaudino told us — among his few stories he would tell us — was that when he ran for Student Council president in college that he ran this race and he lost to a cheerleader. And so he would always tell that as sort of a joke because he couldn’t even beat a […]

“Sherill Luke, 20-year-old Negro, will be president of the UCLA student body for 1949-50. He was elected Friday when a record turnout of 5100 voters gave him a 400-vote majority….Luke is…president of his social fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi…is the head cheerleader and is a political science major in preparation for law school…Dorothy Wright…was elected vice […]

“Election of Fred Thornley as president of the UCLA student body was announced yesterday following spirited balloting which stirred the Westwood campus…A junior majoring in business administration and president of the UCLA chapter of Sigma Pi….Thornley defeated Bob Gaudino 2808 votes to 1764.” –The Los Angeles Times May 19, 1950

He ran against me, that’s right. Basically during that time they emphasized spirit because it was following the war. Everybody was in a peaceful, glorious happy time. It wasn’t political like it always was and has been since. Frankly I had never lead a yell in my entire life, but my fraternity brother coaxed me […]

Well, there were some issues that came up. There were problems between the administration and the Daily Bruin. So that came up during the election. But they weren’t main things, you know, like the world was coming to an end. Because it just did.

July 15, 1949. “As a result of inter-action with the personnel in this office, I feel that I am on the way to getting the necessary background in the functions of a Government agency.” from his first bi-weekly report during a summer internship at the U.S. Economic Cooperation Administration in Washington D.C. Aug. 8, 1949. […]