By the way he lived with Fred Schuman. Fred Schuman rented him an apartment downstairs. Schuman owned the house, he and Libby owned the house. It’s on Main Street, a small brick house, a nice brick house, which now has an insurance company. And it’s surrounded by steep slopes. The house has only one floor […]

It was not as if he said, “Be my absent siblings.” It just evolved totally naturally. We shared interests. We’d go out for pizza and go bowling afterward. And when we had children, he became their uncle. He just engaged them immediately. He had lots of wonderful nephews and nieces but they were in California, […]

He bought a new [Volkswagen] Bug then we went on another hiking trip that summer. We went all the way to Georgia, the Ozarks, and came all the way to Mansfield, Vermont. We were in the White Mountains in New Hampshire where we fought the mosquitoes like crazy. It’s classic Bob. We were climbing, we […]

There’s an island offshore and at low tide you can walk out to it. This was a really, foggy, dark day. You couldn’t see very well and we didn’t know Popham Beach [Maine]. This was before it was a state park. We’d been there but we didn’t know the lay of the land. So we […]

We were on a trip somewhere, me, my wife and the two younger kids and we were coming back to the Albany airport and Bob was going to pick us up. So he picks us up, yeah, but it was heavy snow. And eight-tenths of the way home, he said, “We have bald tires.” He […]