I took Gaudino’s class in a little meeting room in Greylock, an afternoon class. The class was meant to be an hour and a half, or an hour and a quarter, and it went on three hours, up until dinner time. I came out of it shaking. It was one of the first times I […]

He used Plato’s metaphor of the cave as a way he understood the learning process and it was about going from darkness to light. In the cave, when you were dark everything was close, it was comfortable. You didn’t know it was dark. It was dark, but you didn’t know it and so you went […]

Prof. Gaudino had a habit, it might have been physical, part of his condition, or it might have been just a condition of his enthusiasm, but he would lean forward. And we were in a seminar, sort of a square room and I would usually sit to his right, I’m not sure why. And he’d […]

A sort of floating head.

Gaudino promoted the kind of enigma of teaching and sort of oracular things that you didn’t quite understand. He did what he could to remain relatively opaque as an individual personality with a history of his own. Sort of like a judge in a wig and robe. He was there like a judge with a […]

It’s like the theater performer who does something on stage that you want to run home and tell others about. But talking about it never does it justice. You have to be there and see it and experience it. It’s in the air.