I remember one time he came into the room – I remember it very vividly because he had some outside visitors. We occasionally had visitors from other colleges who came to see what Williams was all about. There were a couple of people from another school there sitting in the back of the room, so […]

Well, I remember a class I went to. I think it was on the Platonic dialogues and he, in great distinction with me, would simply start by asking questions. What does Socrates mean in Chapter 3, verse 4, when he talks about the commonality of life? What does Socrates mean when he challenges some person […]

I remember him questioning us about drivers and when you were in a different country what happened. If you came to a red light would people obey the red light, just stop, if there was no traffic coming along? And I think the French would go right through the light. This was about your attitudes […]

We were in class one day and we were looking about a book that was about the Southeast Bronx, called “The Block.” And a couple of my more affluent classmates were looking at the pictures and saying, ‘This can’t possibly exist. I’ve never seen anything like this. There’s garbage all over the roofs.” Professor Gaudino […]

I remember talking to him about a grade on an exam or something like that and something that he said to me, it made me feel so much better. He said, “Your academics are not a reflection of your humanity.” And I thought, “Wow, thank god, because I’d be a lousy human being if they […]

This was a time when being evaluated was a question of authority. How are you as my professor capable of understanding the work I’ve done? Bob dismissed those. Bob used grades simply as a way of keeping score, but they were not important. What was more important is whether we were learning, and there wasn’t […]