In the fall of my freshman year, the fall of ’67, the Vietnam War was really kicking into high gear. I guess in high school I’d been a conservative and I don’t know when I particularly began to change, but I remember one very influential piece was in that building Van Rensselaer, that old fraternity […]

Maybe in October of 1967, posters appeared that he was going to be doing an evening seminar on the war. I remember it was at the Van Rensselaer House. It was a huge turnout, I mean just enormous. It was standing room only. And he didn’t lecture, he basically ran it as a class and […]

Early in my first semester at college I remember hearing about interesting conversations taking place at a professor’s home. His name was Professor Gaudino. And I came to Williams as a science major but I always was really just fascinated about public discussions about all kinds of topics and they were open to anybody and […]

We began during the course of that semester to watch tapes of the actual Watergate hearings. That was part of the class. It was never explicit that you had to be there but you showed up because there was lots of talking to do. We had to talk about Mr. Dean [the White House counsel]. […]

In drama, they say stress reveals character. In fact, it’s an underpinning of drama. I’m trying to remember the context of this, but maybe somebody had been abroad and came back and was discussing it and Gaudino said, “And when did you first learn to hate them?” And that was a stunning question. Because all […]

All of authority was up for grabs, every piece of it. The authority of the church, the authority of a rabbi, the authority of the institution like Williams, Cornell, Columbia, you name it. All of that was up for grabs — the notion of police power, the notion of government, the notion of whether or […]

I was an Evangelical Christian, a new Christian. But I was really working out my own issues. And one of those issues at Williams I had heard of some anti-Semitism and some housing discrimination but I didn’t pay any mind, “That was long ago.” And then I became embroiled in a struggle on that and […]

When I was here I think it’s fair to say I was a leading political activist. You know, Vietnam, the Women’s movement, there was the whole black thing, the grape boycott, Earth Day. And I think one of the things Bob pushed me and really taught me–because I was into the immediate–Bob really pushed me […]