I remember him making a joke one time about Eduardo Cianelli playing the guru in Gunga Din and that must have amused him that an Italian actor was playing an Indian guru. I do remember hearing him referred to sort of despairingly as a guru but I don’t remember feeling overwhelmed by him. I remember […]

I think a lot of his colleagues completely misunderstood him. When they say “charismatic” they immediately thought that Bob was turning his students into acolytes. Because typically, that’s what charismatic people do, right? They’re so overpowering that you become acolytes. Now I just talked recently with John Chandler and both of us observed the same […]

One of his favorite things is he would pose a problem and then he would look at whoever was there, students, faculty who were sitting around at our house and one of his favorite things was, “What to do?”

We certainly were still friends and some of it may have been my misunderstanding, but I had a problem with his guru role. I was challenging everything I saw and I hated how a lot of students became these disciplines and clones. After a while, the students around Gaudino would have long late discussions at […]

There were those who accused him of having disciples, not students, and what if he teaches the young bad things? There is a grave danger to us all when the charismatic teacher leads the young flock astray. He was quite conscious of that and talked about it. He knew that his life, his convictions, afforded […]

Any faculty member who had a wonderful reputation here, who was considered to be one of the greats by the students, would be envied by some other faculty member. I just think that’s part of the world. It could well be that Bob might’ve gotten more–probably not any less envied, but more suspicion because people […]

I think one of the things that got to his faculty colleagues was they thought that he thought he had the truth and was trying to brainwash us. And you know one of the worst things you could do in a way was to try to be agreeable with him and say, “Yes yes, I […]

I’m sure you’re familiar with The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie as the account of a charismatic teacher and people going off to sort of fight in the Spanish Civil War because of her charisma. And it seems to me in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie they have a doctrine to peddle, they have […]

“His boys.” I know what is being said here and I recognize the basis for it. I never really felt that that was pushed to the point of anything damaging or dangerous. His students, the group of students, the cult, if it is a cult, they loved him. They loved what he was doing. Whether […]

Had he been a showman and had this discipleship, this charisma, affected a huge number of people, there would have been [envy]. But as a matter of fact, his charisma, his seriousness impacted only, by its nature, a very relatively few students. You know, a Williams student comes to get himself a degree, and yes, […]