I remember a lot of people thinking after a few days in the village, what am I going to do here for four weeks or three weeks or whatever it was? And well, gee, Gaudino will be coming in a few days and we’ll talk about it and he will come up with an answer […]

I had a great time and that’s again part of why I started talking with Gaudino when I was in the village about what I’d like to do after graduation and my senior year. So I still remember in that village I applied to join the Development Economics Center at Williams, which to that date […]

In terms of the paper, we wanted to have the finished product. I struggled with a topic and ended up with bank nationalization which was being pushed by Indira Gandhi in order to have them lend toward social ends. It was a frustrating experience. How do you limit it? How do you bring coherent information […]

I abandoned my project very early on. We’d come up with projects in Williamstown, community development-village self-help. I certainly never pursued it in India. Your interests change. It wasn’t like being in a college, where you had a library. That may have been one of the reasons Gaudino may have thought it was an academic […]

We had two cabins on a high ridge: on one side a 3,500-foot drop into the Valley of Kashmir and on the other the rolling green slopes of the Gulmarg Plateau. We were somewhat isolated on that ridge except for the four squawking geese, some grazing cows, a few stray Indian tourists and some bearded […]