We were flying over as a group. I think roughly three people had other means to get there, more directly. Gaudino didn’t fly with us. He flew separately, to get there before us. So fourteen of us were flying, the Williams Travel Bureau had set this up and we flew from New York to Amsterdam […]

My parents borrowed money to send me to high school and then to Williams but I had a godmother who had money and said that she’d send me around the world after I graduated from college. She agreed to apply those funds to the Williams-in-India program. So I went there through Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand […]

You’re flying over the desert and all of a sudden the lights come up on this runway. There’s nothing there. And we get off and they take us into this Quonset hut and tell us to order Coca Cola. The only purpose was to land and fuel. We were the only plane on the runway. […]

My first day in India. Six or something in the morning at Santa Cruz airport. I think everyone can attest to the shock of driving in India and just seeing how they take remnant building materials or whatnot and fashion an existence by the side of the road. How there was a complete lack of […]

I remember a parallel beginning too. The flight we took was into Bombay. The train we took to Delhi to rendezvous with you guys. We checked into the YMCA and went to dinner, eight of us, Chinese restaurant. The food was taking a while. And I think it was Brad Babson in front of us, […]

Within the Williams-in-India group there was a considerable diversity. There were people who were carrying backpacks and wearing jeans and stuff and there were other people who were wearing wingtips and slacks. They had certain programs that were set up. I remember going to the embassy and getting a political briefing from a State Department […]