We had our meeting of all of us at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Somehow it was arranged that we would stay in the dorms at Morehouse, maybe it was for a weekend, and the experience of being there on an all-black campus was my first experience at feeling what it would be like to be […]

When we arrived in Waycross, we had all gotten our haircuts before we came down but we had to get it cut again when we were down there, even shorter than what we had when we arrived.

We all got together at some restaurant eating frog legs and grits. And this guy, I think it was Perry McNeal, he basically said there are certain things you’ve got to be careful about and one of them was about hair. And you know, “Keep your zippers up.”

In Georgia I had to go through two home-stays in a week at the beginning because they just weren’t good placements. My first one with the son of the mayor and he was a young bachelor, swinging guy, and he was out all the time. He was never home. He was always out partying so […]

I stayed with a woman on welfare and her granddaughter who got pregnant while I was there. The second night there was a huge noise and a car pulled up with one of the hot babes of the town and her boyfriend. They wanted to “see the white boy” and we went to the Tastee-Freez. […]

So I stayed in a little town called Alma, Georgia, which was by Waycross. I remember hooking up with a little local grocery store and I helped out in the grocery store. It was pretty much a black grocery store. I mean this was our very first day and as an individual from a white […]