So I was raised as a very quiet Congregationalist. The services were very quiet. So down in Georgia I got sick once and the family invited their minister over to visit. I had the flu or something at home. This black minister came over and said, “Can we pray with you?” And I said, “Sure.” […]

That was Jesus

That’s exactly what she had thought, that I had seen God. I was thinking, “Why am I here alone in this place?” So again, I got myself into a cultural situation that I had no idea about and I wasn’t a student of American religion. I didn’t even know this existed, this kind of laying […]

In the church I went to in Georgia, I sat down in the pew and they immediately discovered that we from out of town and the preacher said “Stand up, give us your names and would you like to say something?” and they literally gave me the front of the church to say something. When […]

We really didn’t have a lot of focus or training. I think in theory maybe some of the reading we were supposed to be doing in the fall was supposed to be getting at that but I think it was maybe too intellectual or esoteric. We didn’t have any sort of focus group things about, […]

I think as a student there were all these rich things that happened to me that totally went over my head.

I probably got more out of Georgia, not just working in a funeral home but the whole black/white thing. I didn’t do embalming but drove the ambulance, drove the hearse, would go to all the funerals, would be there when families would pick out caskets. It was a black funeral home and it was a […]