I was at his house one night, we were having cider and donuts, and I said to him, “Did you ever regret not having children and your own family?” And he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “All my students are my children.” It would have been great to follow […]

Just before Thanksgiving in 1974, which would have been my senior year, I called him one day about something and he wanted to go downtown to do some shopping to buy some movies or something. I picked him up and we went downtown and he bought a few things and I bought a few things, […]

Rusty Day ’74, a Williams-at-home student, was a close friend. Rusty and I would often drop by Gaudino’s house in late afternoons to hang out with him. Gaudino was a huge tease. I loved it. I remember sitting in his kitchen, Gaudino slumped in his chair, his back supported by the wall. Most of all, […]

Thanksgiving Day, I did what I always did. When I got up in the morning I would — my apartment oversaw his home and I would check on his home. I was worried that he would try to drive, for example. I would run down and take his keys. He was always threatening to drive […]

Forgetting the conversation of the night before, Rusty and I were taken by complete surprise a few hours later when we heard a car door slam and we went out and this big man, full of life, was saying, “OK, where’s Bob?” and I just remember looking at him going “Oh my God, how do […]

One of the things that I had to do after his death was destroy his cyanide capsules. When I went through all his effects, as I would as executor, I found them. Still had them, yes. He did not use them. He was bound and determined to continue to try to work. I mean in […]