Well, you know, when you get asked by a guy like Bob Gaudino to do something that’s at the end of his life and it’s going to be a memorial, you consider it probably the greatest honor you ever had. But Bob and I had to have a talk about it. First of all would […]

It was one of those services that a lot of people hate and other people say that’s just the way it should be. Why did they hate it? Because it was long. Everybody wanted to say something and I blew it in the sense that I didn’t say to people, “Well, we can only have […]

What was absolutely clear and fascinating to me is Bob’s family had absolutely no understanding of what he had done. This Eastern academia was absolutely a mystery to them. I think also they felt that in some ways he was kind of lost because he was the only one in that whole immediate family that […]

Dr. Grant said there is one surgeon that’s following up on Shy-Drager and he seems to be the one person that knows more about it than anybody else and that’s Roger Bannister [the legendary British runner who first broke the 4-minute barrier in the mile]. And sure enough when we were back from the funeral […]

Well, his father was concerned. We met him when Bob was still living. The summer when he died in November, his father and his sister came to visit. And we had I think met the father a couple of times before. After he died and the gravestone was in place, his father wrote us a […]