Bob was not so much a model teacher for me. Bob was closer to my mind than that. I would say there are two great people in my life. One was Bob, who taught me to think, and the other was Mary, who taught me to love. Those are my two great teachers. And so […]

Well, I was a student at Williams and had only recently come off of braces and a crew cut and was still trying to figure out how to get a six-pack on the weekend when I was underage. We were in class and discussing developing countries and I don’t recall anymore exactly what the point […]

It seems amazing to me how much of what he embodied for me is still part of who I am today. With the exception of my relationship to [former Cabinet Member] Elliot Richardson there’s no one with whom my encounters have stayed with me longer. I don’t think I realized it at the time actually, […]

Rusty Day mentioned at some point that probably the intensity of the program was such that probably not a month would go by in our lives from then forward that we wouldn’t at some point think about and talk about the experience to somebody. I don’t know whether that’s true of everyone, but certainly it […]

Arguably the reason I went to law school was because Prof. Gaudino confirmed that I had a way of organizing thoughts, which he himself had given me the guide in class to do. There was a classmate who answered a question and he tried to give a couple of reasons and I could just tell […]

Last night [in Williamstown] I was seated next to a guy named Daniel in the class of ‘07. I said “What are you going to do next?” and his plan is to go to South America. He felt he should experience another culture. He’s an economics major. I said, “You are pursuing what a professor […]

I knew his basic thesis that the experience was better than the impact it had. That just wasn’t satisfactory to me. I didn’t feel that way about the experience I had organizing that year [against the draft, in New Orleans], at 19 years old. The lesson I would have drawn was to never organize again. […]

Five years ago in an annual checkup I was told by my doctor to my shock that he thought I had kidney cancer. And I was aware from my own professional background that that’s usually lethal. And I was forced to face my old mortality. At that terrible moment in my own life, Bob Gaudino […]

I went up to the college a couple of times when he got sicker and at one point I came out to him, which was a big deal for me. He laughed and said something like, “Well, did you think that was going to change the world?” I guess my answer was “No,” but basically […]

There’s a difference between saying he didn’t respond effusively when you came out to him and/or you still became a lawyer. I would come back to the point of view that here you put yourself in a Masters program of Middle Eastern studies and you applied yourself to another language. Would that have been something […]