The Robert L. Gaudino Memorial Fund started the day he died. He was a mentor to people who at that time had been out of college for six, seven, eight years, nine years, ten years, who were young professionals. So when he died they immediately said we want to perpetuate not only the memory but […]

Students did all of this on their own. I mean they raised the money and they talked to the administration, the people you have to talk to get this done. And then Dan O’Connor, who was dean at the time, Dean of the College, hit on the idea of appointing this Gaudino Scholar, and John […]

One of his very brightest students, Richard Herzog, an attorney in Washington, a very, very bright guy, very thoughtful person. By the way, you can almost invariably tell Gaudino students 30 years after they graduated out of college. I can tell they are Gaudino students within three minutes of talking to them. Richard Herzog called […]

Well, I think a lot of people who were among those — many, not everyone — who were moved by Bob’s teaching and by his compassionate life found that to be one of the great personal and intellectual experiences of their lives and they wanted to somehow continue this and to do things in a […]

On a number of different levels, Williams-at-Home crystallized the desire to try to use some of my skills to some degree on societal problems or people, the underdog, and made me empathize more. Partly Gaudino himself in terms of his disease and how he approached it and how he basically, even though he was ill, […]

I think Bob’s experience in the Williams-at-Someplace program has been vindicated to a degree in that a lot of programs now are located abroad.

The interesting thing that these students have accomplished is that Gaudino’s name is all over the place on the campus.

The honor in which his name is held by his students is something that most professors would give a lot for. But they’ve over-institutionalized the Gaudino thing. I don’t think he would’ve been comfortable with that. That wasn’t what he was about. I think he would’ve been probably embarrassed to see the Gaudino seminars, the […]

Gaudino would have been more than a little embarrassed at one level by the Fund and quite tickled in his most private moments by the Fund. He would have chided all of us for wasting our time and effort trying to understand what he was talking about. He never thought it was that clear anyway […]