After the service, Bob had another good friend locally by the name of Richie Taylor. Richie Taylor was a policeman, he went into law enforcement, and before Richie finally got started Bob bought a Jeep — we were attached to Jeeps in the service. After he got discharged, he got a Jeep and said, “Richie, I’m going to take a trip across the United States. I just want to see how other people live.” So he said, “Let’s you and I get in the Jeep and we’ll take a trip all around the United States.” So they started out and went south to Mexico — went down in the poverty-stricken area of Mexico, came back up through Texas, went all the way across the coast, the southern coast of the United States to Florida. And there out of the Jeep they got a job selling bread. Just going down the street selling bread, and got a few bucks doing that. And then from there they went up the East Coast, up the northeastern part of the United States, all the way across Canada, then came down through Kansas, and from Kansas got on Route 66 and came back to LA. They must’ve been gone three or four months. They just thought that was a great trip. And the question come up, what did Bob finally do with the Jeep? Well, he had a night job and somebody rear-ended the Jeep, ruined the Jeep. He was all right, and that was the end of the Jeep.

John "Jake" Gaudino,
Robert Gaudino's brother