July 15, 1949. “As a result of inter-action with the personnel in this office, I feel that I am on the way to getting the necessary background in the functions of a Government agency.”

from his first bi-weekly report during a summer internship at the U.S. Economic Cooperation Administration in Washington D.C.

Aug. 8, 1949. “In Moline, Illinois, I assisted Mr. W.A. Rex, Project Manager of the Netherlands Agricultural Program, in a three-day program designed to give 20 of the 32 Dutch farmers, studying American agricultural methods in this country, an idea of American factory techniques in the manufacture of farm implements.
“As a result of many talks with the Dutch farmers, it seems to me that there are three factors by which the success of the program can be measured…First, it is important that the desires and needs of each Dutchman be met with respect to the specific kind of farm experience and farming methods they request. Second, each farm family must realize that they are taking these boys in as more than farm labor and that they should be treated with the same respect and regard other members of the family receive. Third, it is essential that they be integrated into the community life of the area so that they may become familiar with every aspect of American farm life.”

from his report on Field Trip to Moline, Illinois