You remember, I think it just had been refurbished when I was there, something called Mather House, which was sort of a very quaint New Englandy restored house on campus? And our little seminar, I think there weren’t more than four or five of us, was there with Gaudino. And I remember, because it was a fancy little building, the Williams trustees were meeting there. I just remember this particular scene because it made a big impression at the time, that the trustees came in while we were having our little seminar in one of the rooms. And as they filed by, Gaudino sort of crept in a kind of stagey way to the door that had been open and closed it and put his finger to his lips and said, “These people must never know what we do here.”

Jim Scott '58,
Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University and a leading expert on the poorest groups in underdeveloped nations