Oh, yes, disciples, yeah. What was the source of that? Partly his need maybe as well for establishing more intimate relations with people. So they were drawn to his personality and I know, for example, sitting in the office next to his, he would talk on and on with his students who would come in. And only certain kinds of students who would come and see him. For a while I felt a little jealous about that but then after a while I began to realize that these were people that just liked him. I suppose they sort of joined us together in being very similar but we were – actually I was much, much more of an egalitarian than Bob Gaudino ever would be and I also in some cases was more believing in students than he was, which is an interesting thing for me to say. I think he tended to, as I said before, be critical, very critical. Well, what he wanted to do was bring out what was in there, as the student would say. Take them by the scruff of their neck and shake them and he did that. I did it in a different way but I did it more kindly than he did. I wasn’t as confident as he was I think in doing that.

John Resenbrink,
University of Chicago graduate school classmate and early Williams College faculty colleague