Fred Schuman – he would go swimming every day. That was very important to him. He explained to me one time that he would – he must have been 70, 72, maybe 68, 70, whatever. Looking back on it now I’m 78 and I sort of smile, but he said, “You know, John, I’ve got seven things wrong with me, seven different things. It’s tough getting old.” His wife was wonderful. His wife loved Bob Gaudino, and so did Fred. One time, in the summer time, I think my brother came over, my younger brother Jim and his wife, and several others, and maybe Carla was there. Bob had, in the apartment, a small kitchen. And somehow or another we got going on eating watermelon and then we got going on pitching pits at each other and so there was a complete hullabaloo. And Bob was just jiving it up and it was his place, he didn’t care. We all cleaned up afterwards, we had a good time. That’s the kind of person he was, he was just so jolly and fun. But he also had that sting to him.

John Resenbrink,
University of Chicago graduate school classmate and early Williams College faculty colleague