…So when it comes his turn on this panel, he says, “Well now, this is what my profession says how we search for truth in Political Science,” and he went through kind of a ‘50s graduate school kind of how do you use evidence and how do you use quantitative reasoning and blah, blah, blah, blah. Then he says, very dramatic, “Now if we’re really going to talk about search for truth, then I must ask all freshman and all women to leave the room because the truth is too much for freshman and for women.” Well, you know, outrage number one. Outrage number two is that the college has just announced that it was going to establish the Center for Development Economics with a Masters-degree program for mid-career people from developing countries. And he assaulted this idea as totally out of place in a liberal arts college. Well, the faculty that were in the room were sort of apoplectic….

Steve Lewis '60,
Former Economics Professor and Provost