By the way he lived with Fred Schuman. Fred Schuman rented him an apartment downstairs. Schuman owned the house, he and Libby owned the house. It’s on Main Street, a small brick house, a nice brick house, which now has an insurance company. And it’s surrounded by steep slopes. The house has only one floor on the Main Street level and has another floor, a deep floor on the other side and slopes down into the backyard, and that’s where Bob Gaudino lived before he bought a house. The reason I mentioned where he lived is because he had this marvelous backyard. Lots of green flat space with the possibility for volleyball or whatever, and so he would invite all members of the department. This was Fred’s lawn, but it was Bob’s apartment which opened up to the lawn down below. He would invite the department for a field day, and the department included all the spouses, which in those days were all wives, of course, because there were no women employed at Williams, and the children. So the place was teeming. At that time we were all young so all our kids were six-year-olds or three-year-olds or toddlers or whatever, and Bob, who was this serious pursuer, this almost Socratic pursuer of the truth, was playing with kids. They loved him. His capacity for getting through to them was extraordinary. He let them crawl all over him.

Kurt Tauber,
Former Political Science Professor