Bob often came over to my office in the student union. And we sat down and talked about all these things, particularly the social interests we were concerned with. But he would give me ideas about my job as chaplain of the college. And I said, a little bit, not angry, but just, “Bob what do you know about that?” And he said, “Well I know what students like and what students do and what they have to learn.” He said, “I think you should get them out of the chapel.” He said, “We really need to have something more informal, asking people to come and speak in front of a crowd but not a large crowd, and talk about their lives, what was really important to them.” Well, we sort of did that. We started these things called Friday night dessert discussions and we had lots of students and faculty come to that and talk about their interests professionally, personally, what life meant to them.

John Eusden,
Former Chaplain