REPORTER: Outsiders will see things you don’t.

MRS. CARTER: Things we don’t want to see.

FOREIGNER: Of course you don’t. You won’t look at the conspiracy.

COMMENTATOR: This was one man acting alone…a single man’s resentment.

FOREIGNER: Impossible. There’s no political logic in that…Who are the leaders? What is their ideology?

COMMENTATOR: Thought’s not a political weapon for us. We don’t kill people for ideas…Politics takes on the tradition and style of its locality. We are a pragmatic people.

FOREIGNER: Assassination is never personal. It is directed against a regime…

COMMENTATOR: Your suspicions come from another continent…

FOREIGNER: How literal and naïve you Americans are. It’s why you’ve done so well in economics.

–from “The Assassin,” by R.L. Gaudino