It didn’t get big audiences but it got people there and the audience was intermingled with the cast in a certain way. And there was a classroom discussion — the difference between assassination and murder actually. What elevated some murder to assassination? You know, what kind of social and/or political, and/or cultural significance did it have to have to be designated assassination? I remember quite specifically Gaudino thinking that Bobby [Kennedy’s] loss was a greater loss than Jack’s, and part of that was that he felt that Bobby had been tempered by Jack Kennedy’s assassination, and that had just put him on a different path than he otherwise would’ve been on, and the level of compassion–again, how the private affects the public, the personal affects the political. And I think in Bobby he saw that that process had produced somebody who was quite extraordinary for his time. He got me involved. I worked for Bobby. I sort of did canvassing in the local community.