My first encounter with him was not kind of what I expected. I had a dreadful although in some respects typical first semester freshman year and I was not a very good student. And I’d been in all these advanced classes from my high school. So I did very poorly in each of them, including the PoliSci 103. So I had expected to go on to PoliSci 104, which is taught by Gaudino, and I was in fact kind of looking forward to that, but because of my overall grades and the probations of the deans, etc. I was dropped out of the advanced section into the regular section, 102, which really distressed me. So my first meeting with him was going to him to petition to let me in, and he wouldn’t. He just abided by the rules. He just wouldn’t bend the rules for me. So I didn’t have him until a year or two later. I guess he was sort of a father figure who sort of — they push you off the roof but they provide you with a net.