We would have these conversations about Plato and whether Plato was right, that not only were there a variety of points of view and opinions to be considered but that there was a hierarchy of points of view. And I remember conversations about whether that was really so, whether there was a hierarchy in opinion, or whether when you deal with students, for example, we had to consider them all equally. Not only externally in the practice of the classes, but internally in our own sense of the proper order of things. Well, my answer was, “I don’t know s—.” I didn’t know the answer to that question. And I still don’t. I’ve been back and forth on that all my adult life. And he did not reveal his own position on that either.

I never knew, nor did I ever ask, if he believed in God or something God-like in the universe. You know those questions–I never knew his thinking. I had suspicions, but being an Iowa boy would never ask. I was much too discrete to ask questions like that of anybody.

Craig Brown,
Former Political Science Professor