To me he was always a teacher and not really a friend. I really cared for him. I think he did for me. But there wasn’t that connection for me, anyhow, with him and probably most students didn’t have it either. He was the teacher. The very few, the ones perhaps who took care of him at the end, had the other thing, that close friend, that special person whom they loved. I might have kept him at a distance too. But I don’t know really. Maybe you could sit down and get into it with him and then you would be, both of you, more opened.

He definitely was not revealing of himself. He wanted us to reveal ourselves to ourselves. He didn’t want his story to be part of the conversation, don’t you think? I’m not a very big-deal revealer either. But I learned how to work with him. I didn’t avoid going to see him for any fear that he would show me up or something. I certainly thought he was smarter than I was. I admired him. I’m not sure I loved him.

Josie Eusden,
wife of former chaplain John Eusden



I really did.

John Eusden,
Former Chaplain