Had he been a showman and had this discipleship, this charisma, affected a huge number of people, there would have been [envy]. But as a matter of fact, his charisma, his seriousness impacted only, by its nature, a very relatively few students. You know, a Williams student comes to get himself a degree, and yes, he wants to have a good course and so on and so forth, but to him there’s something else to life, right? But here is a professor who tells him, “No, come on, this is it.” So he didn’t have large classes. So I don’t think there was much envy in terms of, I should imagine, great performers who pack them in, 200 people at a time, and who are voted the most desirable teacher around, stuff like that. That might create envy among people who are just ordinary teachers. Gaudino would never have called forth that kind of envy because he didn’t teach very many people.

Kurt Tauber,
Former Political Science Professor