When they were planning a sit-in against a Marine recruiter, an ROTC recruiter. I wasn’t sure I was going and a friend kind of gave me s— for it, and so I went and sat in, and it was sort of one of those surreal things where first you sat in one place, it was in front of the recruitment office, I guess the old Theta Delta house, and we were sitting there on one side and I think it was the security guy or the maintenance guy for the building said, “I think he’s going to come to the other entrance.” So we all sort of ran over to sit and try to block him. And then we were sitting there blocking and he showed up with one of the deans, [Benjamin] Labaree. Yeah, there was quite a bit of brouhaha about this and the guy finally walked off sort of muttering, “Lyndon Johnson is going to hear about this!” So we had our picture taken and in the Williams Record of the following week. There was my picture along with about 25, 30 other guys sitting on the steps there. And I went and saw Gaudino in the Snack Bar and he went, “Well, Mr. Herzog, I was quite amazed to see your picture in there.” So we talked about why. “Well, we’re going to have to watch you and see what you do next.”And I felt really good that I could surprise him, you know, pleased that I had come to his notice in this way, and intrigued by his sense that I might be worth watching.