The most extraordinary experience was coming back from India to land in Europe. That was a big jump. It’s funny, little moments that you do remember. I was always a picky eater growing up. As I mentioned, my grandfather raised me and he was fantastic but he indulged my food habits, which weren’t good, so coming to Williams was itself a big change and I began to widen my food eating habits a bit. I constantly talk about the “holy salad” I would eat, which was lettuce with salt on it — hearts of lettuce — before I went to college. But going to India was like the ultimate crash course, and the one absolutely great impact for the rest of my life is it made me a catholic eater really big time. So I remember getting back to being at Brussels and relishing a glass of milk. You couldn’t get pasteurized milk in India so the only time I really had milk, except in tea, which was boiled, and I love milk, cold milk, was once in one of those social situations in a village with this bunch of Sikhs, this family. So I remember suddenly finding myself drinking a tall glass of buffalo milk that was still warm from the buffalo. So anyway, getting back to Brussels, the accessibility of food I really enjoyed.

Dale Riehl '72