The students who came back from those trips, insofar as I was able to tell, learned a very great deal through the pores, so to speak. Not necessarily in the way that you would learn something about India if you were reading Gary Jacobsohn’s very good book or some other academically sound and well-based approach. I don’t know that they learned much of anything, but I know that they came back feeling that they had imbibed something of the real meaning of India, something of the real problems of India, something of the way it changed their perception of the way we ought to relate to India in a way that reading books and hearing lectures would never do, and I think that’s true. I think to that extent his experiments bore fruit, and some students I’m sure, if you interview them, will tell you that one or two of those things were the most important things they did at Williams.

Vince Barnett,
Former Political Science Department Chairman