I was thinking maybe doing junior year abroad or something. I wasn’t quite sure. And then this was posted and I said “perfect.” Go to a completely foreign country with a person that I found very provocative. On the other hand, I think in part it was designed in order to get academic approval as a rigorous disciplined program where you take four courses that were interrelated and go to India and then sort of mine that and you could continue the study of that. But, as was often the case with Gaudino, he had sort of a stratagem. That was, I think the stratagem for him was to get approval from the faculty to do it, and I think his real purpose was to take a group of American college students and sort of replicate to an extent, although it was imperfect, what he saw in the Peace Corps — with people going into a foreign culture and have to react to that and can’t cope with it, and have to deal with the angst of not coping with it, and maybe that transforming them in some way, and then when they come back to Williams, give them more direction than they had. It was an experiment to throw them into that turmoil and angst and then see if it improved or changed how they experience the academy when they came back. I think that was what he was really about, but he sold it to the faculty as a totally different enterprise. And of course I signed on to the latter enterprise rather than his real enterprise.