Within the Williams-in-India group there was a considerable diversity. There were people who were carrying backpacks and wearing jeans and stuff and there were other people who were wearing wingtips and slacks. They had certain programs that were set up. I remember going to the embassy and getting a political briefing from a State Department official who was a master of his subject matter but he was thoroughly imbued with the political minutia. Gaudino in India was interesting because I remember there were two women, Indian women, who had I guess known him from his Peace Corps period. I forget why, but I ended up spending an afternoon with him and these two women and he was teasing one of them because she was a member of some Indian commission on space law, which of course was sort of funny because India at that point had no space program. I remember small things from that period. I remember going to get a document processed at some obscure foreign affairs office in India and the guy having this just rich, rich tray of rubber stamps of every possible color and description and getting about three or four of those stamps on the documents that I wanted. Those sorts of impressionistic things.

David Lee '71