In my village the first few days there were severe language limitations, so there was just a lot of observation. And then you’d meet people in the village that spoke some English. I remember there was a fellow in the telegraph office that spoke English and a doctor. And so to the extent that they would give you time then you’d start seeing things through them. But you had to experience the village through these – at least for me – through these intermediaries. You know, you meet a bunch of villagers and maybe they’re having tea someplace and it’s very interesting and you want to take a picture. Well, as soon as you pull out the camera, they all stand up and go out and stand in a row. You can’t sort of take a candid shot. Well, the same thing is if you’re trying to deal through an intermediary. I mean, trying to observe what’s going on in a village through an intermediary, it just doesn’t work. There are severe limits to what you can accomplish.