We’ve discussed as a group, “How much do we remember about our different courses 30 years later?” But we can remember very specific experiences like for me in Iowa it was just eye-awakening, I guess, this experience of getting up in the morning, working until the sun goes down and I remember talking with the man I was living with then. We were just talking about this is the nature of farming because there was always this experience of — I guess the feeling that you never completed what you were wanting to complete. There was always more to do than you could do. And I remember him saying, “All you do is you get up in the morning, you do as much as you can until the sun goes down and then you go to bed.” Then, you know, that stuck with me for god knows how long. That wasn’t necessarily conflict. That wasn’t learning that came out of conflict. It was just, you know, experiencing what this different life was like.

Randy Thomas '73