It’s still only identified by the name of the two researchers, the two physicians who described it – the Shy-Drager Syndrome, a degenerative neurological disease, about which hardly anything is known. My wife Esther or I, or both of us together, would drive Bob–we were not the only ones–to Boston, where the research was going, such research as there was. And I remember so clearly our discussion on the way, on one of those trips to Boston, when I said, “Well Bob you seem to be so convinced that all the stuff that you are taking” — L-dopa, I think, which is still one of these drugs that is used now for neurological problems–“you seem to be so convinced that this is really a bunch of bull– and so on. What are we doing? Why are we driving to Boston?” He says, “Oh, because it pleases the doctors. The doctors are so anxious about this and I don’t want to disappoint them.”

Kurt Tauber,
Former Political Science Professor