Just before Thanksgiving in 1974, which would have been my senior year, I called him one day about something and he wanted to go downtown to do some shopping to buy some movies or something. I picked him up and we went downtown and he bought a few things and I bought a few things, and took him back and I sort of got him squared away. That was I think probably the Thursday or Friday before Thanksgiving. I would sort of hold him by the arm and he would sort of walk in his sort of that peculiar gait that he had, moving sideways and moving forward at the same time. He may have had a cane but I don’t remember that. I’m amazed when I think about it how able he was to get around. Everything was normal. He wanted to run some errands and I was happy to help chauffeur him around. He had some plans for Thanksgiving, but he didn’t buy his turkey. He bought some movies. And I think I bought a salad bowl. It was a nice afternoon I spent with him.