Dr. Grant said there is one surgeon that’s following up on Shy-Drager and he seems to be the one person that knows more about it than anybody else and that’s Roger Bannister [the legendary British runner who first broke the 4-minute barrier in the mile]. And sure enough when we were back from the funeral service Pappy and I went in and David Booth said, “We’ve had a request from Dr. Bannister that he’d be able to perform an autopsy, but you’ve got to approve that.” Pappy said, “Sure.” So we did find out. David said that the reports were that at his age at that time, which I think was 47 or 48, that he had the internal workings of a 34 year old. He said, “He was a very healthy person.”

Of course the people that we talked to when we were back there asked, “Did you ever know that your brother always answers a question with a question?” And I said, “Yes, I knew that–oh, as long as I knew Bob. Oh, yes.”

John "Jake" Gaudino,
Robert Gaudino's brother