Well, his father was concerned. We met him when Bob was still living. The summer when he died in November, his father and his sister came to visit. And we had I think met the father a couple of times before.

After he died and the gravestone was in place, his father wrote us a letter and sent us a check and said, “Would you mind arranging something for Memorial Day?” So we did and then I bought the Rhododendron bush, which is a very small bush at the time, which is still at the grave and is now branched over and when it’s in bloom it’s a beautiful sight. A couple of times when it is extremely beautiful we’ve sent a snapshot to Jake in California. We didn’t know that we would stay in Williamstown and wanted to have something there for when nobody was around any longer to remember him. But then after that I always made sure something was there on Memorial Day and watered it during the summer and when the fall comes I rake away the dead stuff and put around some branches and evergreens.

Earlier on I bought a bunch of Lilies of the Valley and just put it down and they are now taking over, there’s a huge patch coming up all over.

I found out you’re really not invited to plant trees and do things to the grave. They don’t like it. And I had luckily done it before I found out. Now we are encouraged to just have one little pot, so I bring one little pot every year. But there are other things that are already in the ground and somehow are going to be staying there.