He didn’t hover around me. He just let me do it. Every once in a while he’d come out with his cane, big crookedy smile. See how I was doing. Tell me that the hearings are on or something. He would just be laughing at everybody being caught in their lies to avoid telling the truth. He wasn’t brooding and yelling at these SOBs. He was laughing at the gall of what they had done and trying to cover up these horrible transgressions. It was a source of great amusement to him.

I didn’t really clean the house. I helped him take care of his social things. The one that surprised me the most was 75 people coming over for Italian. So I bought this little cookbook about making Italian food and I remember it said it’s not so much the seasoning, you have to buy fresh ingredients. So I made several courses, including lasagna, for 75 people. It seems amazing now.

He was crippled the whole time I knew him. He was always on a cane. He would fall down. Parker and I would tell him his clothes were going to get dirty dusting the floor.

Parker liked to hear me sing and Bob did too. I would just sing sometimes, “Greensleeves” or something like that, something low and soothing.