Personally I did not handle his illness well. I found it very difficult to accept. And I would get depressed when I was seeing the impact of it on him. I remember one specific thing, that he asked me would I help him kill himself when the time came. And I said, “No,” I would not. I simply could not do that. I wasn’t sure whether he was really serious but he had certainly thought seriously about it to get someone to get him cyanide pills. His last years were simply a steady pronounced deterioration of all of his faculties except his mind. His brain seemed to have escaped this neurological deterioration. I don’t know how he got the capsules, but he was going to take his own life if it got to the point where he simply couldn’t function at all physically. He told me he had them. He said, would I help him if the time came, and I said, “I can’t do it. I simply can’t do it.” But I know he had them.

David Booth,
Former Political Science Professor