Bob was not so much a model teacher for me. Bob was closer to my mind than that. I would say there are two great people in my life. One was Bob, who taught me to think, and the other was Mary, who taught me to love. Those are my two great teachers. And so with Bob the teaching was not incidental, but from my point of view at the time, for where I was in my life, it was this whole new discovery of thinking, which for the first time I saw as consequential and involving the whole of my life. Not just my study but my whole being. It was a moral matter, it was a professional matter. It was a matter of personal satisfaction, a matter of personal growth. And at that time, I think, that was a really important developmental stage in my life, those years at Williams.

Craig Brown,
Former Political Science Professor, is retired in Arizona after finishing his teaching career at the University of Illinois at Springfield, which now gives an award in his name to students who make the best use of semesters off campus for “self-learning, personal growth, reflection and the acquisition of new skills”