It is a bit curious that although the death of Bob Gaudino, one of my two or three best friends ever, was a big loss for me, he has, to a surprising extent, not been lost to me…I retain a vivid almost yesterday-like memory of…walking toward his house in his driveway that Thanksgiving day and being greeted by two young people who had shockingly bad news. That memory endures.

What matters to me, however, is that he brightened and enriched my life, off and on over a period of 24 years and like everyone, I think, who knew him, I loved him.

Although Bob did, as you point out, “reveal very little of himself to others,” I don’t think he would be offended by our interest in what he concealed from us. In fact, being himself endlessly curious about others, I think he would approve of our interest in him and be pleased that so many years later he was still arousing cerebral activity since that, after all, is what he specialized in doing. Read George Johnston’s Letter

George Johnston,
Bob Gaudino’s classmate at the University of Stockholm and life-long friend, in his early letters to Margie French and Jeff Thaler